Put Your House in Order

Put Your House in Order

Hands up – did lockdown lead you to home improvements? Did cancelled jollies free funds to titivate your decor? Bubble socialising at home highlight a kitchen lacking in well, anything impressive, really? The little people are back to school. For now. Best hurry, though… Maybe you’ve even gained a room as your bigger people return to uni. You’re not alone, far from it in fact. Clients new and old are booking RIGHT NOW to get their home just how they want it. And it looks as though home is going to be THE venue for a good while yet…

From a full interior design service to a few helpful tips and tweaks, give the expert and approachable team here at Blue Caiman a shout. We are happy to help – and we’ll work to create something you’ll love.

You’d Better watch Out

And now, whisper it soft if you must, but it IS happening. We’re now in October. You know what that means, don’t you? No, not the big spiders, although now you come to mention it *shudders theatrically*. The onset of Autumn means more cosying up at home, and… getting ready for the ‘C’ word. Yep, sorry. We said it. But come on, Christmas happens EVERY YEAR. It occurs on the same date EVERY YEAR. The deccies go up in shops EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. We KNOW it’s coming. Yet inevitably, SOME of us end up woefully ill-prepared and channelling the proverbial headless chicken in a last-minute panic.

One friend of mine, who shall remain nameless bought a new washing machine just prior to Christmas. Unable to have it installed in time but stuck with it in her open kitchen and dining space, she Christmas-wrapped it. I kid you not. A giant, gift wrapped and beribboned domestic appliance right there. Not so much white goods as a white elephant… Don’t be like Ka… sorry, my friend.

A New Start

Not sure where to start? Well, we can help with that too. Good interior designers – like us – don’t work with solely grand schemes and behemoth budgets – indeed, some of the best interior design schemes are those which make the most of small spaces AND budgets. A new decorating project can be exciting or terrifying, and at Blue Caiman Creative, we can hold your hand and guide you or take care of everything. Like colour, theme or style, it’s entirely up to you, and what works for you, the client.

Put Pen to Paper (or Pin to Pinterest)

Let’s start at the very beginning. As the song says, that’s a very good place to start. BUT. What IS the beginning? When you choose to work with Blue Caiman, we’ll talk. We’ll talk about you, your home, your life and your wish-list. We’ll produce hand-drawn sketches for inspiration and take it from there. You can start wherever – and with whatever – you want and work it into a plan. Perhaps use Pinterest or a scrapbooking system. It really does help to start with a plan, and maybe even an inspiration piece.
As with any good plan, start with your ‘what’ and ‘why’. List what you’re hoping to achieve along with what you like. There’s no point following fashion or copying a colour scheme – it has to be something you love and that will work for you, your home and your family. Maybe add another list of what you hate, too. Just the housey stuff. We can’t do much about your ex, sorry.

What You Want; What You Have

It’s rarely practical or even possible to start with an entirely blank canvas – a fresh, empty room with virgin walls. Your budget may not run to ripping out and starting again – or maybe you love bits of what you’ve already done. Most homes are already lived in, so there could already be furniture, flooring, or fabrics which you need to work with. If there are already elements you love, we can focus on them; make them count. If there are things you’re simply stuck with, we can find ways to work around them.

The Art of Colour

Do you have art that you love? Perhaps you could take inspiration there. Often, the art you display reflects what you love. Contemporary seascapes or impressionistic florals; brooding landscapes or stormy skies; bold, abstract canvases or starkly monochrome prints – or perhaps even happy family photos and favourite holiday memories. These could all be the start of something rather beautiful in your home. They can also lead you to chosen colour schemes.
In our last blog we explored whether grey has had its day, and whilst we’d never suggest you should blindly follow trends, there’s definitely evidence to suggest that grey has taken on new neutral status. Heritage colours are still topping the (paint) charts, as are dramatic depths of colour. Bright pops of accent colour can really lift a room, adding a truly individual vibe. Metallics bring a real designer feel; think gold, copper and bronze, any of which would really enhance those deep, dark blues.

Let There Be Light

Lighting and light fittings have come a long, long way. No longer just a wire hanging from a ceiling, your lighting is a crucial part of your room scheme. Why not go one step further? Size matters. Fall in love with the biggest, most imposing and downright FABULOUS light fitting. Make it the main attraction, the centrepiece of your room or space. Add lamps. Lots of lamps. Lighting is not simply functional but a key design element. Big, brave, bold lights become works of art in their own right. Feature lights. Geometric shapes. Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Globes and spheres or asymmetric lights. Floor to ceiling lights. Twisted metal and sculptured lights. A veritable cornucopia of lighting styles is out there so finding something you love won’t be a problem. Getting it home, on the other hand…

Flora and Fauna

Biophilia, or the love of living things and nature, has brought botanicals into our homes in a big way. A BIG, bold way. Wallpaper, fabrics and soft furnishings with fantastic leafy designs are in all the interior shops and the glossy home mags. It’s a brilliant trend because you really can take it as far as you want – big, mural style feature walls and bold art prints – or keep it understated. Plus. This is plants, and they never go out of fashion. It’s a good reason to up your eco credentials at home, too…

Love Where you Live

Again, we’ll add our caveat. Your room and your home should be what you love; what you want. By all means, take a trend for inspiration or use your favourite colour regardless of its currently popularity. Let’s talk about how we can help you get the home you love. But remember what we said. The ‘C’ word is getting closer by the day, so do it now. Decide what you want and need to do. Start now and have Christmas in the home you have always dreamed of. Like your Christmas shopping, make that list. Check it twice. And start ticking things off. Take Blue Caiman’s advice and you’ll be in love with your home long after Twelfth Night.